Google検索品質評価ガイドラインPart 1「ページ品質評価のガイドライン」

2.4.3 広告/マネタイズ(Ads)の特定

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ページのタイプと目的 Adsは赤でハイライト
ニュース記事ページ:イベントやニュースのトピックに関する情報を伝えることが目的。 Ads – ニュースの記事
動画ページ:猫に関する動画を紹介することが目的。 Ads – 動画のページ
ブログの投稿ページ:テレビ番組で使用された音楽を紹介することが目的。 Ads – ブログの投稿記事
店舗商品ページ:商品の販売や情報提供などが目的。 Ads無し–ショッピングのページ

2.4.3 Identifying Advertisements/Monetization (Ads)

Ads may contribute to a good user experience. Advertisements/Monetization (Ads) is content and/or links that are displayed for the purpose of monetizing (making money from) the page. The presence or absence of Ads is not by itself a reason for a High or Low quality rating. Without advertising and monetization, some webpages could not exist because it costs money to maintain a website and create high quality content.

There are several different ways to monetize a webpage, including advertisements and affiliate programs. See here for more information on website monetization. Note that monetization on mobile pages may be more subtle than monetization on desktop pages.

The most common type of monetization is advertisements. Ads may be labeled as “ads,” “sponsored links,” “sponsored listings,” “sponsored results,” etc. Usually, you can click on the links or mouse over the content to determine whether they are Ads, as they often refer to a URL outside of that website. Ads may change when you reload the page, and different users may see different Ads on the same page.

Webmasters can choose to display Ads on their page (such as by joining an advertising network), but they may not always directly control the content of the Ads. However, we will consider a website responsible for the overall quality of the Ads displayed.

Important: For the purpose of this guideline, we will consider monetized links of any type to be “Ads.” See here for different types of website monetization.

Type of Page and Purpose Ads Highlighted in Red
News article page: the purpose is to communicate information about an event or news topic. Ads – News Article
Video page: the purpose is to share a video about cats. Ads – Video Page
Blog post page: the purpose is to share music used on a TV show. Ads – Blog Post Page
Store product page: the purpose is to sell or give information about the product. No ads – Shopping Page