Google検索品質評価ガイドラインPart 3「Needs Met レーティングのガイドライン」

13.0 Needs Metスケールを使っての評価

最新原文:2021年10月19日 | 公開日:2023年07月02日

クエリや結果にはさまざまな種類がありますが評価のプロセスは同じものです。Needs Met(ニーズを満たす)評価タスクではモバイルユーザーのニーズに焦点を当てて、その結果がモバイルユーザーにとってどれだけ役に立つか、満足できるかを考えていただきます。

Needs Met(ニーズを満たす)評価スライダーはこのようになっています:

Fully Meets(完全に合う(FullyM))


Highly Meets(高位に合う(HM))

Moderately Meets(適度に合う(MM))


Slightly Meets(少し合う(SM))

Fails to Meet(全く合わない(FailsM))



13.0 Rating Using the Needs Met Scale

There are many different kinds of queries and results, but the process of rating is the same: Needs Met rating tasks ask you to focus on mobile user needs and think about how helpful and satisfying the result is for the mobile users.

This is what the Needs Met rating slider looks like:

Rating Description
Fully Meets (FullyM)

A special rating category, which only applies to certain queries and results. All or almost all mobile users would be immediately and fully satisfied by the result and would not need to view other results to satisfy their need.


Highly Meets (HM)
Very helpful for many or most mobile users. Some users may wish to see additional results.

Moderately Meets (MM)
Helpful for many users OR very helpful for some mobile users. Some or many users may wish to see additional results.

Slightly Meets (SM)
Helpful for fewer mobile users. There is a connection between the query and the result, but not a strong or satisfying connection. Many or most users would wish to see additional results.

Fails to Meet (FailsM)
Completely fails to meet the needs of the mobile users. All or almost all users would wish to see additional results.

Please note that you may assign in-between ratings. Use in-between ratings if you think the rating of a result falls between two labels. You can either drag the slider or click on the point that you want the slider to land on.