Google検索品質評価ガイドラインPart 2「モバイルユーザーのニーズを把握する」

12.2 クエリを理解する

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クエリ 考えられるユーザーの意図

[パリの人口], English (US) フランスのパリの現在の人口を知る。

[近くのスターバックス], English (US) 現在地に最も近いスターバックスの場所を見つける。

[天気], English (US) 現在のユーザーがいる地域の天気に関する情報を知る。

[お母さんに電話], English (US) “お母さん”としてデバイスに登録された電話番号に電話をかける。


12.2 Understanding the Query

Understanding the query is the first step in evaluating the task. Remember, a query is what a user types or speaks into a mobile phone.

Some tasks include a query research link, which you should use if you don’t understand the query or user intent. Otherwise, please do web research using Google or an online dictionary or encyclopedia. If you still don’t understand the query or user intent, please release the task.

Important: If you research the query on Google, please do not rely on the top results on the SERP. A query may have other meanings not represented on Google’s search results pages. Do not assign a high rating to a webpage just because it appears at the top of a list of search results on Google.

Think about users in your locale typing or speaking the following queries into their phone.

Query Likely User Intent

[population of paris], English (US) Find the current population of Paris, France.

[starbucks near me], English (US) Find the nearest Starbucks location.

[weather], English (US) Find weather information in the user location right now.

[call mom], English (US) Call/dial the number stored for the contact “Mom” on the device.