Google検索品質評価ガイドラインPart 1「ページ品質評価のガイドライン」

7.4 信用できないウェブページまたはウェブサイト

最新原文:2021年10月19日 | 公開日:2023年03月29日







● 目的に対してウェブサイトの情報が不十分
● E-A-Tが最低、または評判が非常に低い
● 目的を欺く、デザインを欺く、または意図的に欺く内容
● 故意にMCを妨害・隠蔽したもの
● 悪意のある行為を疑える



7.4 Untrustworthy Webpages or Websites

The Lowest rating should be used for pages or websites you strongly suspect are engaging in deceptive or malicious practices.

Because some deceptive pages may in fact be harmful, please use caution. Known or “obvious” scams are clearly harmful and should be rated Lowest, but there may also be pages you strongly suspect are scams yet cannot prove it without experiencing harm yourself. Please consider these pages to be untrustworthy and use the Lowest rating.

Your assessment of untrustworthiness may be based on the content of the page, information about the website, information about the content creator, and the reputation of the website or content creator.

Your assessment may also be based on a lack of critically important information. For example, any website involving financial transactions or sensitive information should have comprehensive information about who is responsible for the site and a way to contact the site if something goes wrong.

If some aspect of a page or website makes you suspect deception or maliciousness, please look for information about the site. If you cannot find reputation information to confirm your suspicion, carefully explore the site. Sometimes a single page on an unknown website in isolation may seem odd but subsequent exploration shows no concern. However, if you see a pattern of what appears to be deception or manipulation or become concerned about your own safety, please use the Lowest rating and leave the website immediately.

Pages with the following characteristics should be considered Untrustworthy:

● Inadequate information about the website for its purpose
● Lowest E-A-T or Lowest reputation
● Deceptive purpose, deceptive design, or deceptive intent
● Deliberately obstructed or obscured MC
● Suspected malicious behavior

Important: Highly untrustworthy pages should be given the Lowest rating even if you are unable to “prove” the webpage or site is harmful. Because many people are unwilling to use a highly untrustworthy page, an untrustworthy page or website fails to achieve its purpose.