Google検索品質評価ガイドラインPart 1「ページ品質評価のガイドライン」

9.1.1 携帯電話での評価

最新原文:2021年10月19日 | 公開日:2023年05月10日




9.1.1 Rating on Your Phone

You should open the task landing page on your phone using the standard Send to Device feature, unless otherwise instructed. However, more intensive analysis on the website can be done on your computer. For example, you should open and explore the links that are provided to help you do research on website information and reputation on your computer.

Important: Clicking on the task URL may bring up an interstitial page. You can ignore this page in your rating criteria if you can easily get to the MC. However, if the interstitial page makes it extremely hard (or impossible) to get to the MC, that should factor into your Page Quality rating.