Google検索品質評価ガイドラインPart 1「ページ品質評価のガイドライン」

6.1 専門性・権威性・信頼性(E-A-T)の欠如

最新原文:2021年10月19日 | 公開日:2023年03月29日


● MCの作成者が、MCのテーマについて十分な専門知識を有していない。例:税務申告の専門知識がない人が作成した申告書解説ビデオ。
● そのウェブサイトがそのページのトピックに関する有力な情報源では無い場合。例:料理サイトに税金に関する情報。
● MCが信頼、信用できない。例:安全でない接続方式を使ったショッピングチェックアウトページ。




6.1 Lacking Expertise, Authoritativeness, or Trustworthiness (E-A-T)

Low quality pages often lack an appropriate level of E-A-T for the purpose of the page. Here are some examples:

● The creator of the MC does not have adequate expertise in the topic of the MC, e.g. a tax form instruction video made by someone with no clear expertise in tax preparation.
● The website is not an authoritative source for the topic of the page, e.g. tax information on a cooking website.
● The MC is not trustworthy, e.g. a shopping checkout page that has an insecure connection.

Note: Websites with user-generated content span the Page Quality rating spectrum. Please pay careful attention to websites that allow users to publish content with little oversight, such as social networking pages, video sharing websites, volunteer-created encyclopedias, article sharing websites, forums, etc. Depending on the topic, pages on these websites may lack E-A-T.

Important: The Low rating should be used if the page lacks appropriate E-A-T for its purpose.